Protect Your Children After a Divorce

Protect Your Children After a Divorce

Retain a divorce attorney in Denton, TX

If you need a family law attorney in Denton, TX, look no further than Jack W. Cunningham, P.C. Attorney Cunningham has decades of experience assisting families dealing with a variety of complicated situations.

He can help if you're:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Dividing marital property
  • Negotiating child support
  • Finalizing an adoption

A family law attorney can ensure things don't get too complicated or confrontational.

What influences child support agreements?

It's important to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side to settle child support matters in Denton, TX. Some factors that might influence your child support agreement include:

  • Income
  • Child care expenses
  • Health care expenses
  • Visitation expenses

Things can change depending on if you have sole or joint custody, too. Don't let your divorce affect the well-being of your child. Let a divorce attorney represent your child's best interests.

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